Call For Relief For CP Carers

People with severe Cerebral Palsy can require constant care from loved ones who rarely get a break.

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance offers support and respite to over 270 families but are now calling for donations to continue their valuable work.

For more information and ways to donate click here.

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Gillard Plans to Keep the Aged At Home

A $3.7 billion package has been announced to address rising problems within the aged care sector.

It’s good news for the baby-boomers who are now entering retirement with the promise of an extra 40, 000 at home care-package soon to be up for grabs.

But where’s the money coming from? A mere $577 million of the proposed package is new money. Some of the money is coming from the original budget while a whopping $561 million will be gleaned from the pockets of wealthier Australians by a means test. Which leaves some wondering if Gillard should be known as Robin Hood.

The upshot is that the scheme benefits those who would ordinarily struggle to pay for adequate care. The average Australian will soon be allowed the care and options of the wealthy.

A portion of the budget- $1.2 billion- will go into funding aged care workers, both to boost numbers and raise the low wages.

Many have praised the reform for the way in which it proposes to keep the aged in their own homes, while also contributing to the salaries and working conditions of carers.

The reforms are expected to begin July 1, 2014

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